Short Term Aviation Programme

  • CPL
  • PG Dip
  • Image Building
  • Drone Training
  • Airline law

Certified Pilot License

If you belong to the sky come to FLYING START. The Pilot program that provides the wind to your wings and aspirations. The sky has just got wider with the opening up of national and international sky routes. The demand for the pilot license holders is again growing stronger and the aspirants can now actually see their dreams flying to reality. FLYING START with its specialization in aviation and extensive experience in national and international pilot training is among a selected few in India and is proving to be a perfect launch pad for pilots with its International associations for the best possible Pilot training. The job of a pilot is a highly specialized one. It requires knowledge of air navigation, interpretation of meteorological reports, operating sophisticated electronic and mechanical controls, leading the aircraft under adverse circumstances, and being a leader to the flight crew and passengers under climatic and other emergency situations. You will be responsible for the passengers, the crew and the aircraft. Hence you must have discipline, patience, responsibility, punctuality, commitment and self-confidence. At FLYING START the aspiring pilots can expect to receive the best guidance for the pilot's License Conversion Examination conducted by DGCA, Govt. of India, at the lowest possible cost with the advantage of being taught by the professionals holding the licenses from DGCA who readily share their experiences with the students that enriches them and come handy in their overall performance.


10+2 or its equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks in Mathematics and Physics. (If you don’t have Physics &Maths in 10+2, please connect we can advise )

A Class II Medical (Indian) with fitness certificate from designated medical practitioner.

Airport Ground Services (Airport Management)


Millions of passengers travel by air every year in the world. Airlines have people working round the clock handling flights at the airports known as Ground Staff.

FLYING START diploma in Airport Ground Services course is especially designed for those candidates who have a zest to work in international level environments of airport and who like meeting and assisting people from all over the world.

This profession requires lot of hard work, commitment, skill and total dedication – FLYING START prepares you just for that.

The course is designed to cover all aspects of airport ground handling as well as grooming your personality. Personality Development and English are a crucial part of this course for overall growth of an individual. After successful completion of this course, the candidates can work as professionals at airport in various domestic & international airlines. They can also go for a flying career after gaining some experience at ground.


Education Graduate in Stream
Age 17-30 Years
Gender Male / Female


Min. 50% marks and above (Candidates having less than 50% marks can be considered after personal interview.)

Image Building

The program offers substantial, practical knowledge that will allow you to make an immediate impact on your appearance. The scope of training includes

  • Color theory
  • style building
  • advanced principles
  • body and line analysis
  • dress code
  • shopping, wardrobe strategies
  • makeup and grooming. You will learn communication skills

Our Foundation Course differentiates you as a certified image consultant from a fashion stylist, store associate, makeup artist or fashion house representative.

After the course, many graduates have developed an image business for individual clients or combined image with other areas of expertise such as career and life skills coaching, etiquette, makeup, skincare, hairstyling, wedding planning, medical and weight loss clinics and counseling, among others.

The high-caliber, hands-on coaching, mentoring and individual attention you receive, reinforces the benefit of the group experience. You simply cannot get this kind of training in books or on-line. This is a fantastic opportunity if you want to gain a competitive edge as a professional.

Aviation Industry

The Indian Aviation industry has moved from being a government-owned industry to being a privately owned full-service airline and low-cost carriers.

Foreign equity up to 100% is allowed by the means of automatic approvals pertaining to the establishment of Greenfield Airports and up to 74% to the existing airports.

The industry directly providing more than 23.5 million jobs per year.

Passenger growth has grown from 40m to 110m in the last 5 years and is expected to grow up to 150m by 2020.

Approx 2.5-5 lacs jobs being created in the Indian Aviation Industry.

In the present scenario, around 115 domestic airlines & above 60 international airlines are being operated in India

Infrastructure modernization, huge investment, expanding air fleet & with ever-growing economy AVIATION is the hottest sector in terms of career.

UDAN (UdeDesh ka AamNaagrik) is a regional airport development and "Regional Connectivity Scheme " (RCS) of Government of India, with the objective of "Let the common citizen of the country fly", aimed at making air travel affordable and widespread, to boost inclusive national economic development, job growth and air transport infrastructure development of all regions and states of India.

UDAN ('UdeDeshkaAamNaagrik') is a first-of-its-kind scheme globally to stimulate regional connectivity through a market-based mechanism.

3.5% of the global economy relies on Aviation also 6.3 million livelihoods are supported by air transport.

Why BBA in Aviation Management?

It is globally acknowledged fact that the aviation & travel tourism industry is growing, both in format and handling of specialized functions at a rapid pace. The growth in aviation signals parallel growth in travel and tourism sector.

In this course, students will learn how an aviation, travel & tourism industry functions, basics of business communication and economics, Aviation Operations, Safety and Security and role of human resource in the aviation industry.

Personality development program helps in developing skills to deal with aviation customers.

Pioneer in running Aviation Management programme is offering an opportunity to 12th pass candidates to make their career with leading airlines by enrolling into BBA Aviation Management programme.

Industry Attachments with Project work / Presentations / Industrial Visits / Guest lectures / Seminars / Conferences.

Unique features of the programme - Personality Development, Foreign Language, First Aid Training, Computer Application.

The curriculum is designed to fulfil the needs of today’s rapid changing Aviation Industry.

Students can shape their careers with specialized BBA / MBA programmes in the most promising industries of this decade.

Additional support with online classes & flexible timing.

Deliverables of the Program

Personality development, Industrial Visits, Guest lectures, exposure to various activities presentations, seminars and conferences.

Computer Application CBT (Galileo Basic Training-Triple Package for Airlines, Hostel and road transportation).

This programme provides hands-on experience in the following training at our DGCA approve training facility that makes you a preferred candidate for your future employer:

  • Ditching/ Wet Drill
  • Water Survival / Raft Boarding
  • Galileo Software Training
  • Grooming
  • First Aid Training
  • Emergency Exit
  • Smoke & Live Fire Training
  • Ramp Safety Training
  • Additional Language
  • Aircraft Ground Handling & Safety Training

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